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Across from me at tables 7 and 8 sit two women, both in their late twenties. At first glance this seems much like any other speed-dating event I’ve been to, but with one difference: we’ve all brought our dogs.One waits quietly, nervously scanning the venue, the other, wine in hand, seems more relaxed. I’ve been single for nearly two years, but — unlike many of my friends — I don’t like going on loads of dates. Over half (54%) of Brits said they would be interested in being assessed through this game. To be successful, a team needs to work together and communicate well.Hiring managers will see if people are natural leaders, or good at sticking to tasks they have been assigned.You send them a CV, they decide who they want to interview, and they take their pick out of those they meet face to face.

There's traditional speed dating (hosted in a range of ages so no one is left out), and there's lots of other events like Drunk Jenga, singles bar crawl and more. Get yourself down to one of the Smudged Lipstick Events, where they host everything from Dirty Scrabble Dating (speed dating and dirty scrabble) to anti-romantic pool and ping pong parties.Thereafter, key decision makers decide amongst themselves who to bring back for the next round, or even make a job offer then and there.70% of UK job seekers said this could be of interest to them. 62% of UK companies like this method, and that could be because it’s great at seeing which candidates do well under pressure.Staff love it – and the outcome is great classroom ideas – ‘voted in’ by staff – for your school to roll-out and adapt.This is a guest post written by Nicky Phillips, after she trialled the idea in her school in Exeter.

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