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Democrats have launched a nationwide effort to raise funds by painting Mitch Mc Connell as the reason progressive legislation has stalled.

The Senate majority leader, meanwhile, has embraced the persona of villain of the left.

Google Maps Street View's team have trekked to a remote location, where the remains of a historic gem have been revealed.

Cameras for the website have captured the stony remains of an 11th Century castle, nestled on top of sand dunes.

Yet users of Google Maps Street View can still pinpoint the location on the website, despite the ruins of the village no longer being accessible.

So while Britons cannot walk the precarious coastal paths, they can view them - and the surrounding ruins - online.

You can watch the pickups with or without explanations along with it.

A Tokyo listing by Saudi Arabia’s Aramco would boost Japan’s effort to re-establish itself as a global financial center, but it could also highlight areas in which the country has laxer disclosure standards.

The maps shows Hallsands’ location between Beesands to the north and Start Point to the south.

The Visit Devon website classes Hallsands as originating from around the 17th century.

No sooner had they left, the dunes came back to fill the space.

Although in its heyday the surrounding village formally boasted 11,00 inhabitants, now there are none.

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