Sw model 19 dating

Do you want a shooter or a collectible that you can take out of the safe on occasion to shoot?

These use a radioactive isotope to glow in the dark. Here's a good article: around, in mint condition with all the paper work/box 0.00 tops, and one must take in consideration how it would be graded if going by the Gun Dealers Scale Book f/Handguns. The s/n of the gun will be stamped inside the right grip panel. But you've already said the sights were messed with, and you did not say if the grips were original. I don't know how we got off on, me saying the sights were messed up. The front has the orange piece on it, and the back has the white outline. What you are seeing is a standard sight insert, not night sights. The grips would be walnut with checkering and - this is important - one large diamond around the center screw hole on each panel. If it's only the rear that has been changed, then that's about to replace and restore, so the values hurt at least that much. I am just trying to get an idea of wheather this pistol is worth what the gun shop wants for it. These use a radioactive isotope to glow in the dark.Earlier versions, including the forerunner model of 1899 up until 1960, had thin barrels and a rounded front sight.Early versions were chambered in .38 Long Colt/.38 Special and occasionally .32-20 WCF.

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