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I think these players will also develop their own advising capabilities as they grow. Traditional and new distributors will both exist and continue playing a part in enhancing the market.

Many of these platforms (including robo-advisors) — many of whom we work with — review their businesses and practices regularly and significantly. I don’t think that one form of distribution has to die for the other to exist.

But over the past year, more questions have been coming in, and there is improvement.

It is interesting how the same investor behaves so differently with two asset classes.

And we consciously took the equity AUM route because that’s where the margins are higher.

This has helped build a good foundation for ourselves.

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The fund has the flexibility to invest across market caps and sectors and at most in 30 companies.

While the industry is transparent, the questions from investors also need to be deeper.

If an investor notices an SPV in the portfolio, they should ask, and the fund should also disclose.

We believe this fund will help demonstrate a new investment style.

The fund’s exposure to large-caps, for a long period of time, has been around 75 per cent, and in excess of 80 per cent for the past three years.

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