Test dating a gamer

The first alpha for ambitious MMO Ashes of Creation, which has plans for huge cities and a player-led government, has been delayed past this summer, developer Intrepid Studios has announced.The team has not decided a new date for Alpha One, but the delay will last "months", creative director Steven Sharif said.During that time, Intrepid will work on the game's performance and netcode, testing of 200-player castle sieges, new animations and improved art.

In fact, even if your husband or boyfriend plays video games too much…at least he is right there at home with you and “not out at a bar somewhere”. The fact is, you chose to be in a relationship with this person and he chose to be in it with you.

You can read Sharif's full post, which contains details of new hires and plans for monthly developer streams, on Intrepid's website.

A games tester is someone who works for video game production companies to thoroughly test video games before the final version is released to the public.

During gameplay, the tester attempts to discover hidden bugs by attempting every possible move or decision a player might make during normal gameplay.

The tester may even attempt to do things within the game that an average player might not do, such as trying to get stuck in a wall or obstruction within the game. Once the character is stuck, the player is often unable to free the character, making further gameplay impossible.

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