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So DNA proves that God created the first creatures.

The opposing answer they give is: Atheist: There could be an undiscovered mechanism that generates information in the DNA. This seemed like a weak argument to me but I saw someone refute the meme version of this creationist argument using this same statement--that we don't know.

(Also, "living being" is a bogus category, since nothing DNA makes is living - which is a bogus category in the discussion meant to add an element of mystery.) 3) " information never comes about by chance; it always comes from a mind." Again, assuming the thing we want to prove.

It supposes there is a purpose, a goal that is achieved by following a recipe. 4) "DNA proves that God created the first creatures" - how did they jump from "intelligence" to God? Aliens that don't have DNA would fit all the conditions.

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You are currently viewing the forum as a guest, which means you are missing out on discussing matters that are of interest to you. Most are aware that the Answers In Genesis website gives arguments about creationism.Long after the Siboney had moved on, Antigua was settled by the pastoral, agricultural Arawaks (35-1100 A.D.), who were then displaced by the Caribs--an aggressive people who ranged all over the Caribbean.The earliest European contact with the island was made by Christopher Columbus during his second Caribbean voyage (1493), who sighted the island in passing and named it after Santa Maria la Antigua, the miracle-working saint of Seville.European settlement, however, didn't occur for over a century, largely because of Antigua's dearth of fresh water and abundance of determined Carib resistance.

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