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In many cases, hackers accessed the victims’ online information, according to the Center’s latest survey.

In the world of online dating, a security breach of e Harmony’s system offers one cautionary tale.

Some people were charged hundreds of dollars or more before they were able to halt the charges."Online dating can be a great way to meet people or even meet your future spouse, but it pays to choose an online dating service carefully," Gin said.

"And even if you're using a well-recognized service, phony users and hidden charges can still be an issue.

Some 1.5 million passwords belonging to e Harmony members were recently stolen and posted to the Web, according to news reports.

The company says it is still investigating the incident and has taken steps to protect its members since the passwords were compromised.

They logged on to create a profile, just as you did.

A bank executive revealed to me how rampant and dangerous this is.

I’ve known many happy couples that have dated, even found their life partner on such sites. For example, more than 20% of women post pictures from when they were younger and 40% of men lie about their jobs.

While problematic, these falsehoods aren’t the real danger in the online dating arena.

Huge sums of money are being sent via wire transfers as well as paypal, i Tunes gift cards, etc.

I have patients that have lost thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars to these criminals.

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