Tips for dating german guys

However, if you’re going to date a foreigner, Germans are the best and here’s why.

Germans are so tidy, organized and efficient that you’ll never have to wait for him – he’ll be on time or even early to everything.

If you’re called any one of these, you know you have a keeper. (Sucks to be an actual cat in Germany, I guess.) Whatever is going on, there seems to be some strange German saying to express it.

If you’re lucky, they might even give you a Bussi auf die Backe (a traditional European cheek kiss) after they say it. If you date a German, you won’t ever have to worry. It may look strange at first, but there is nothing sexier than a man dressed in lederhosen.

By American standards, these women would be considered plain. German guys will want their partners to be similarly educated, or at least intellectually curious. The stereotype of a pretty, but dumb girl without her own opinions might be the nightmare of a German guy.

It must be partially due to the better/more affordable education system, but it seems most Germans have at least a masters degree. Everyone does some type of sport – be it hiking, or long distance biking, skiing or running. To be out and about in nature is part of the culture.

In my experience, I’ve found German guys to be social media minimalists.

Short ladies get in on this too, because you now have a way to get to those hard to reach things on the top shelf. Germans are serious about their sausage or, as they call it, wurst.

Bockwurst, Wiener Wurst, Currywurst, Bratwurst, Weißwurst, Brühwurst, Leberwurst, etc. Germans are blunt about the facts and enjoy getting straight to the point.

Fights about missing an anniversary or birthday will be nonexistent because, most likely, it has been on his schedule for months. With so many beautiful lakes, mountains and expansive landscapes in Germany, it’s not uncommon to go for a swim in a nearby lake or even hike a mountain in the Alps just for fun.

Although their athleticism can be intimidating at times, the benefits (aka their nice toned bod) are awesome until the beer belly eventually kicks in.

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