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You might even want to consider doing a double-date so that you can get another perspective on your first date.

Remember that the LGBTQ community is very close-knit, and in some places, it doesn’t take long for one to get a reputation, whether good or bad.

Good conversations happen with a 50/50 sharing of information.

If you suspect that someone is indifferent or not very compassionate, that’s a huge red flag.

Whether you've only come out to yourself or you're living openly as a lesbian, you'll benefit from people with similar experiences.

And of course, exploring LGBT spaces is a more successful start to a dating life than approaching attractive women and crossing your fingers.

You can learn a lot from someone by the way they text. People can pick-up on insecurities and uncertainty; they might believe you’re too uptight.

By default, most lesbians are okay with the person who asked the other out to pay for the meal.

Splitting the bill is a common practice, too, with 44% of LGBTQ singles agreeing.

Highlight all your goofy moments, tender moments, and sad moments, too. We also love it when women aren’t forcing themselves into any single category.

If you don’t know who you are exactly, then don’t try to pick an archetype just yet.

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