Together dating columbia

The fertile land supports banana and sugarcane plantations along with cattle ranches.Lush rain forest and swamps characterize the Pacific lowlands.Most of the population lives in the inland Andean region, which begins along the Caribbean coast near Venezuela.Climatic effects are accentuated on the high elevations of these mountain ranges.

Colombia borders Ecuador and Peru to the south, Brazil and Venezuela to the east, and Panama to the northwest.Antioquia and the coffee region are considered "white" departments or states because of the reluctance of European settlers to mix with blacks or Indians.Black people represent about 4 percent of the total population and live primarily on the Caribbean coast, the historical center of the slave trade.The highlands to the east of the Magdalena Valley include Cundinamarca, where Bogota, the capital, is located.Set in the central range to the west of the Magdalena are two of the most important cities: Medellín (the second largest city) and Manizales.

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