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The first release was White with Light Blue, Dark Blue, and Pink decoration.It has "Got Milk" on the sides which was a famous advertising campaign at the time.Very few books have been written over the decades to share a clear visual history of baseball glove evolution and more uniquely connected it to the history of America.This new expanded edition focuses intensely on the history of ball glove evolution alongside our great nations past.The first Hot Wheels '57 Chevy wasn't released until 1977.Most '57 Chevys, regardless of when they were made, have 1976 on the base.Please do not email about missing items/images until after August 30th. Members can now use paypal to pay for their yearly dues. So you've found an old Hot Wheels car at a garage sale.You tried to find out more information but nothing matches the year on the base. The year is not an indication of when it was manufactured.


VISIT FOR ORDERING INFORMATIONThis book, entitled Baseball Gloves - Store Model Gloves from 1880’s to 1940’s From the collection of John Graham, shows representative gloves and display items from his personal collection and illustrates the collector’s mentality.

I have spent the last couple of weeks looking through the book and this full color 260 page book is a must have for any vintage glove collector or any baseball fan for that matter.

The Dairy Delivery, designed by Phil Riehlman, debuted in the 1998 First Editions series.

It is loosely based on the Divco Dairy Truck which was produced from 1926 to 1986.

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