Updating a row in linq to sql Free phone sax video chat with out account com

Visit Stack Exchange I would probably pass in the customer log as a parameter to the method and then have it deal with just the database insertion.

If you wanted to keep a Insert Or Update type of approach I would branch on perhaps something like the object ID if it has one.

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When a user registers, a record is inserted into a table called 'Members' which holds their details.That is, you can change their values, you can add them to your collections, and you can remove them from your collections. LINQ to SQL tracks your changes and is ready to transmit them back to the database when you call Submit Changes. operations in LINQ to SQL by adding, changing, and removing objects in your object model. Orders[0]; // Removing it from the table also removes it from the Customer’s list. By default, LINQ to SQL translates your actions to SQL and submits the changes to the database.

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