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Types of glass inserts are limitless -- contemporary, bubbles, raindrops on water, antique -- and cost to per square foot.So, you can change the look of a 2-door, 30-inch-by-24-inch cabinet (about 5 square feet of glass) for between and .Knobs and pulls are kitchen jewelry that can upgrade kitchen cabinets.Note that cabinet hardware can get very fancy and expensive -- costing and up for a single ornate knob.Local newspaper circulation might not exactly be growing these days.However, there is a steady audience of readers that shop local.

If you order matching wood molding from your cabinet’s manufacturer, be prepared for a color difference between new molding and older cabinets.Once, the only way to shed light on kitchen tasks was by hard-wiring -- an expensive and messy task.But you can add lighting under and inside cabinets with battery powered, peel-and-stick LED lights.Since Letgo loves images, the app lets you snap a picture from your smartphone. If you want extra privacy, this is another reason to use Letgo.Finally, Letgo lets buyers view other items you list. But they might buy another piece you’re selling instead.

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