Updating and restoring ipod software

The Mac hasn’t quite turned into a glorified i Phone accessory just yet, but it’s no longer the favored child of Apple, which dropped “Computer” from its name in 2007 just as the i Pod was peaking.Even the i Tunes name has long outlived its shelf life since the app ended up doing so much more than help you manage your “tunes.” Apple seems to have even grown tired of its iconic lowercase ‘i’ naming convention of late.i Tunes’ core competency — organizing and managing your music collection — was no longer necessary once everything you could ever want was being streamed from the cloud for a flat monthly rate.When i Tunes first launched in 2001, Apple proudly touted its ability to rip, organize, play, and burn music.Thanks to the popularity of the i Pod and i Tunes ecosystem, Apple soon dominated digital downloads allowing it to set the terms — something the music industry came to resent.Apple’s focus on unbundled 99-cent tracks caused many artists and record labels to accuse Apple of stripping the value out of music.Apple knew that people could be tempted to pay money for digital music rather than pirating it if the process was convenient enough, and the success of the i Tunes Store proves it was right.i Tunes’ early years were all about building a great digital jukebox for the i Pod, paired with a music store filled with the biggest artists.

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You could buy a track for just 99 cents, rip some more from a CD, organize them into a playlist, and then quickly sync it to your i Pod, all with the same piece of software.Windows support meant that the device that could fit “1,000 songs in your pocket” could take off over the course of the decade, and as it did, its companion i Tunes software took off, too.i Tunes became the blueprint for how people could legally download media, making it significantly easier to pay for music rather than steal it from early file-sharing sites like Napster.It declined to call the Apple Watch the i Watch, and since then the company hasn’t returned to the naming convention for products like the Apple Pencil, the Air Pods, or the Home Pod.The success of i Tunes cannot be overstated; it outlived pretty much every other consumer-focused piece of software from its time (here’s to you, Winamp).

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