Updating my verizon blackberry 8830 firmware

Be sure to get rid of the file when you are changing carriers. Ah yes, a new Blackberry from Verizon that promises to be a true “global” phone in that it has both GSM and CDMA radios.After getting the phone charged up, I had to do the activation part which is pretty simple w/Verizon.

Within about 20 minutes of the phone being charged, I was off and using my new BB8830.

This Blackberry is aimed towards the business sector and in turn lacks a camera (since most organizations/courts do not allow camera phones due to espionage/priveledged information that can easily be stolen w/a camera phone).

The 8830 does away w/the scroll wheel on the side and takes a cue from the Pearl and has its own ‘pearl’ trackball for navigating.

but when i go to the alltel store not one of the collage student "techs" know how to do it. So I'm BEGGING Please, any one know how to do this or can give me some guidance on what to do to make this phone work with my plan... My plan is with Alltel and its a 750min unlimited text,data,nights and weekends plan with early nights and the my fav thing.

or honestly use the blackberry for more then text and calls I was on the phone with the alltel tech for about 4hrs and finally he tells me that the phone needs to be flashed with the alltel software because you can not use a verizon blackberry on alltel. That's why i called them and was told about "Flashing" the phone over after 4hrs on the phone.

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