Updating one table from another table in sql server 2016

The provided methods in this article will compare tables that are hosted in different databases, which is the more complicated scenario, and can be also easily used to compare the tables located in the same database with different names.

In addition, if you receive an error message, that breaks the data synchronization or replication process, due to schema differences between the source and destination tables, you need to find an easy and fast way to identify the schema differences, ALTER the tables to make the schema identical in both sides and resume the data synchronization process.Inner join is used to select rows from multiple tables based on a matching column in one or more tables.It compares each row value of a table with each row value of another table to find equal values.First Com Table VALUES ('AAA','BBB','CCC') GO 5 INSERT INTO TESTDB2First Com Table VALUES ('AAA','BBB','CCC') GO 5 INSERT INTO

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