Updating sarge to etch

Alternative sites that allow searching for bug reports include The Mail Archive. The current list of pseudo-packages recognized by the Debian bug tracking system. To report spam in the bug tracking system, find the bug report by number, and click "this bug log contains spam" near the bottom.

updating sarge to etch-13updating sarge to etch-58updating sarge to etch-88

Users who require ACPI support on these systems may install a Linux 2.6.19 or later kernel.

Once you have installed your 2.6 kernel, but before you reboot, make sure you have a recovery method.

First, make sure that the bootloader configuration has entries for both the new kernel and the old, working 2.4 kernel.

Also, fans might not work after the system is suspended.

The kernel therefore disables ACPI support internally when it detects certain ACPI BIOS versions.

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