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Local authorities may grant themselves planning permission for their own development on land in which they have an interest or for development by an authority jointly with another person.

The proposals must be publicised in the same way as any similar application from any other applicant and they cannot be decided by a committee or officer responsible for the management of any land or buildings to which the application relates.

Paragraph: 015 Reference ID: 14-015-20140306 Revision date: 06 03 2014 The submission of a valid application for planning permission requires: (a) a completed application form (b) compliance with national information requirements (c) the correct application fee (d) provision of local information requirements Paragraph: 016 Reference ID: 14-016-20140306 Revision date: 06 03 2014 Applicants are encouraged to apply electronically through the Local Planning Authority’s website.

The standard application form can be viewed for information on the GOV. Alternatively, an application can be completed on a paper version of the form provided by the local planning authority.

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