Vb net designer file not updating

(This instructions are for Web App Projects, not Web Site Projects, which use Codefile instead of Codebehind).

Second, create a designer file if one doesn’t exist.

You create new controls in markup or the designer and – they don’t show up in your code.

Even though you know the control is defined on the page you’re in red squiggly hell: So now comes the dance: You’re trying to open the markup editor, make some changes. Open the designer, move something, compile try again… The problem here is that the designer file doesn’t get re-generated if you have some sort of layout error in the page.

Open your page in a designer and rename one of your controls.The most common scenario for me is when I paste code in from another page.For example I have a nearly standard header that I use on some pages that contain common toolbar buttons.Now look at your designer file, it should have a punch of controls in it, and now VS shouldn’t complain about compile errors in your code behind.We always have a problem that not updating automatically when we add new controls in markup or the designer, and if we want to get it in code behind, it doesn’t show up.

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