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The moment of reflection triggered his insatiable thirst to build better fishing products than anyone else.

“Fishermen will pay more for a better product,” became the motto of the man and the Lew’s brand. Lew and Fuji formed a friendship and a partnership that brought the components into the American fishing market.Lew’s quest for a better bamboo pole took him to Japan. Among them were leaders in manufacturing, plus a company named Fuji that was specializing in fishing rod components, the likes of which U. While Lew’s bamboo pole business thrived, he also was a great student of what was going on with new fishing rod materials and concepts.There he found the desired grade of bamboo, and a circle of businessmen who were interested in fishing and the U. The product line was expanded soon to also include telescopic fiberglass poles, giving birth to the original Lew’s® Bream Buster®.only good thing that came of his several years of struggling to find success in Hollywood was meeting his wife.He completed his high school from Norwalk High School where he used to play sports and participated in music and theater.

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