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Figure 1 Figure 2 While White women, unlike White men, did not prefer any particular group of multiracial men to White men, they did respond to Asian-White and Latino-White men as frequently as to White men.

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Overall, the existence of a Multiracial Dividend effect complicates previous studies on online dating that suggest a status hierarchy with groups neatly parceled out in order of desirability.Over the last two decades, online dating has become progressively more acceptable – and popular.It has become so popular that preferences in the online dating market also reflect the reality of racial discrimination in the U. In new research, researchers he experience of multiracial individuals in online dating.“I think Asian American males are viewed differently, but I think we just need to keep being ourselves and I think that the world will come around and appreciate us Asians,” he said.As Kreider notes, Lin “broke the stereotypes for Asian-American males,” which of course is part of his popularity ...

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