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‘He’s just gay,’ he insists, assuming his son will grow out of it if he plays enough football.

Meanwhile, Max’s grandmother (Alison Steadman) makes archly unhelpful comments.

‘A lot of people think you have a sex change at 14. But you can be prescribed puberty blockers which basically press pause.

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She talks to Richard Godwin about getting jeered in the street, shared parenting with her ex and being happily single in her 40s.After much consideration, we decided it would be unethical to ask a transgender child to go back to what they’ve escaped from.’ The project has even affected Anna’s opinions on the subject, particularly regarding the medication.Max is prescribed (reversible) drugs to delay the onset of puberty until he is old enough to make an informed decision about full gender reassignment and Anna says, ‘My first instinct with medication is that you want to give children as little as possible. I’ve seen the hardship these parents have gone through.Many of them went on to have minor roles in the drama.Anna recalls, ‘One little girl came up with this wonderful sentence, “The day God made me, he had a half-day off”. ” She said, “Well, he didn’t finish me off because he didn’t know which body to put me in”.’ Adults often find this much harder to deal with than other children, and react with disgust.

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