Who is hayden christensen dating now

"He's so incredibly supportive and considerate …" she told magazine.

I've been in my relationship for seven years, so we've grown up together in a way.

It was 12 years ago (May 12, 2000 to be precise) that the wider world met The Man Who Would Be Death Vader.

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Even though he left Hollywood at arguably the peak of his fame, he knew what he was doing, including the risk of becoming an afterthought in the business.So far, Christensen seems to be making the most of parenting."I have this little angel in my life now and Rachel and I are so thrilled," he told in 2015.For a good chunk of the early '00s, everybody thought Hayden Christensen was going to be Hollywood's next big thing—but then he pretty much disappeared.Where the heck did he go, and what caused his exit?

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