Who is jennette mcurdy dating right now

The two started flirting through social media and late last week they met in person for the first time.

Now it appears the two are dating and spending the bulk of their time making funny faces on Instagram.

In a functional, sane world, I would not be formulating thoughts and sentences about a couple of Nickelodeon stars and the Instagram fling that may or may not have torn their world apart.

A month ago, I barely knew who Jennette Mc Curdy was.

I’m (kind of) kidding, but one could reasonably assume that Mc Curdy’s conspicuous absence from the 2014 Kids Choice Awards on March 29 was part of the shaming ritual.

She should have had every reason to be there: was nominated for Favorite TV Show (which it won), and both she and Ariana were nominated for Favorite TV Actress (Ariana won).

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A couple of days later, TMZ filled in the blanks: Mc Curdy was in the midst of negotiating her deal for a second season of and was less than pleased about how much more Grande was making than she was, so she boycotted the event (which is also produced and aired by Nick).

But the next day, via her trusty Twit Longer account, she shed some vague light on the issue.

“I was put in an uncomfortable, compromising, unfair situation (many of you have guessed what it is) and I had to look out for me,” she wrote.

Six months ago, I had only a vague awareness of her now-canceled Nickelodeon show , and only inasmuch as it involved her quickly rising costar Ariana Grande.

But now that Ariana has become a world-conquering force to be reckoned with, her problems are our problems, and her former best friends are our former best friends.

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