Who is justin silver dating

After his plans with Hayden are foiled by Mick killing her, Justin attacks and bites Claire in broad daylight to take Hayden's place.

That night, he attacks Claire and Mick, knocking Mick unconscious and kidnapping Claire.

However, losing his pack has driven Justin slightly insane due to a werewolf's pack mentality and need for companionship.

To this end, he was willing to turn those he felt were like himself, lonely, to join him.

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Outwardly, Justin appeared to be a friendly, helpful young man and in fact claims to be "a nice guy" and that before his pack was wiped out, they were peaceful and didn't harm humans.Justin's actions draws the attention of hunters, Claire Novak and Sam and Dean Winchester as well as British Man of Letters Mick Davies.Justin is interviewed by Claire and later Dean and Mick without drawing their suspicions, pointing them towards his co-worker Connor.As Claire changes into a werewolf, the Winchesters and Mick arrive, having tracked Justin through a tracking device Mick put in Claire's pocket.As Dean tries to restrain Claire, Mick and Sam attack Justin, with Mick jabbing a syringe into his back in order to get his live blood so they can cure Claire.

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