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He became a co-CEO of PMK/HBH alongside Cindy Berger and maintained this position for 14 long years before he signed a partnership with another Public Relations Firm called Slate PR.

Halls is obviously a man who knows and values partnership and teamwork!

His career in the US can be described as nothing short of successful; he started a firm which he called “Huvane Baum Halls” and he was active as the co-CEO of this company for a while.

In 2001, he signed a merger with another company called PMK and the firm was immediately changed to PMK/HBH.

This franchise was Mc Donald’s and he worked in a branch in Russia as the Public Relations Officer for a couple of years.

Interestingly, Simon Halls was always juggling at least 2 jobs at the same time to gather as much work experience as he could.

Turns out Matt hired Simon to be his publicist and that was how their love story began.His husband is one of the world’s favorite American actors, but that doesn’t make this charming man any less loved.Simon Halls is an American Publicist who has had a very long and rewarding career and has even been credited for quite a number of great movies like .It comes as no shock to us to hear that Simon Halls has been called one of the best publicists that Hollywood has ever had.His job as a publicist has led him to represent some of Hollywood’s biggest actors of all time.

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