Who is siohvaughn wade dating

The youngster was already twelve when the Wade’s officially adopted him and reports state that he didn’t have it easy up until that point.

A source claims that he doesn’t even have a father listed on his birth certificate.

And it's not because the diamond on the engagement ring Wade gave Union last winter was the size of my head, either. They cheer each other on, and they goof off together, too, and to find a couple so supportive of each other can be a rare thing.

Her career began in the 90s and she definitely has a lot of impressive credentials to her name.

There’s no doubt she’s gorgeous and she probably brings a lot of maturity to the table as she has lived a whole decade longer than he has!

It’s definitely a different dynamic from what the public is used to seeing.

She claims she became a money-loving diva and her character changed for the worse in order to fit in with the wives club of the Not many couples go public about their private lives.

Amongst normal citizens, it kind of falls in the category of TMI--way too much information.

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