Whos dating lil wayne

Subscribe to huzlerscomposer.for updates on Birdman and Lil Wayne, as well as other daily shocking news. “And I just signed a chick named Nicki Minaj.” That line from Da Drought 3’s masterpiece “Upgrade,” an incredible freestyle of Beyonce ft.Unsuccessful attempts at bringing up Shanell and Chanel West Coast were both unsuccessful.

Carter is then quick to interrupt, going on to call her mother “boring.”Take a look at the preview clip over at Page Six and see Toya Wright warning Reginae Carter about what comes with the territory of dating a rapper. He’s a southern gentleman.” In rare behind the scenes moments of Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj hanging out, you get glimpes of what looks like two college students who are great friends, have sexual chemistry, and tease each other about it all the time, while trying not to cross the line. Nicki has brought Weezy out on stage at multiple shows, reiterated her love for him on Instagram multiple times, and continuously repeated the fact that he is “the Best Rapper Alive.” Seeing a relationship such as this one stay so strong through 9 years of ups and downs, in an industry that can be as cut-throat as they come, makes Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj fans very happy, and at least a little bit proud.In the video below, you can hear Nicki saying “This is a prime example of how he’s just a regular boy and treats me like a regular girl.” Apparently Nicki was asking for some assurances of creative freedom as far as being able to do guest appearances, because Wayne responds “You can hop on anything you want. Here’s to a happy 10 year reunion next year, and many more platinum records to come.Birdman also revealed that Lil Wayne wanted a relationship with him and Canadian rapper Drake, and that the song “Doing It Wrong” on Drake’s second studio album “Take Care” is actually about Lil Wayne and how he cannot be in a homosexual relationship with him.” He gay as hell”, says Birdman, “He tried to be with me, drake, and even the boy rick ross, but he was after drake more than everybody else and Drake actually wrote the song “Doing It Wrong” for him, cause he ain’t wanna be with him” finished Birdman.

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