Windows xp constantly updating

"It is highly likely that malicious actors will write an exploit for this vulnerability and incorporate it into their malware."Microsoft didn't want to reveal much about how the bug works because it could give clues to hackers.But its description suggests that hackers exploiting the bug could take control of your computer, use it to encrypt your data and steal information, and ultimately force you to fork over hundreds or thousands of dollars to get it back.Because Microsoft eliminated its Windows XP support years ago, there's no smooth method for updating the operating system with the new update.Instead, if you have a Windows XP machine, you need to go to this link to download the update. Companies are especially at risk in this scenario and make up a large share of those Windows XP machines.

The first thing you need to do is install that patch.Maybe it's because I write in long form and anything longer than 300 words is considered to be TL; DR these days. Let me say this as simply as possible: If you are still using XP, you are the end-user equivalent of an anti-vaxxer.You are a menace to society and everyone around you. You should be shipped out to a remote island with no internet access to fend for yourselves so you can't infect anyone else.Baked inside 79 security updates this week, Microsoft revealed that it needed to make an emergency patch to Windows XP.The company shared few details on the update, but said that the flaw it discovered in its nearly 20-year-old operating system is so concerning that its impact without a fix could be similar to the Wanna Cry ransomware attack that saw people around the globe have their data encrypted and forced to pay cash to hackers to get it back."Any future malware that exploits this vulnerability could propagate from vulnerable computer to vulnerable computer in a similar way as the Wanna Cry malware spread across the globe in 2017," Microsoft said in a statement.

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