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Before you people (the ones that bad mounth these sites) criticize these personals, take a look around and look at the number of members and realize that more people are giving it a try.

We help small to medium enterprises and young entrepreneurs penetrate the US market - focusing especially on the independent retail market.

Both Perfect Match and Matchmaker are now trying to position themselves as relationship services.3) Niche Online Dating Services There are thousands of niche online dating services that target specific interests and passions. If you're into the gothic lifestyle, there's Gothic Match. When I appeared on MSNBC's "The Situation with Tucker Carlson," I even let him know there was a dating site for women who love men that wear bow ties.

The theory behind these sites is that if you can find someone as passionate about something as you are, then it will help the relationship succeed. However, he indicated he was happily married, although he enjoyed his research into the topic of discussion.

1) General Online Dating Services General online dating services are mainstream sites that give you full searchable access to their database.

You are the key determinant in who you select to date. Personals, Date.com, Friend Finder, Lava Life, and American Singles.2) Relationship Services Relationship services have you first fill out an in-depth compatibility test (that usually takes 90 minutes to complete), then use that test to match you with others.

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