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For example, when she mentions that she hates working the graveyard shift, you can answer with a question: "Do cemetery workers prefer the graveyard shift?" If at any point of your conversation she remarks that love is blind, you can ask her why lingerie is so popular.Imagine how much the digital dating landscape will change in the next ten or twenty tears as smart tech continues to evolve and become integral to everyday life.

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Just five years ago, it was virtually unthinkable that you’d be able to use your mobile phone to get a date but today, swiping culture is ubiquitous and you can meet potential partners in an instant, without even leaving the house.") or comment on something in the room ("Are these chairs uncomfortable to keep us on the move? Avoid questions about her outfit or appearance that can make her feel uncomfortable.Prepare funny questions to ask when a specific topic arises during your short conversation.For instance, you can ask whom she would abduct if she was an alien.Be careful not to ask questions that are too general and can't be answered quickly or accurately, such as what makes her laugh.

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