Xcode folder reference not updating

but in the App store when I press update button, it shows the alert like the picture above.

even though in fact I have a lot of space it is only xcode, when I update the itunes, it can update smoothly. really need your help :( If there is a partial download begun of the app/purchase, deleting the partially downloaded file and starting from scratch may help.

So I kept the project setup just the way it is - at least, for now.

Of course, any Sparrow user is free to use the library directly from within a workspace, without the source tree variable.

It brought a lot of enhancements, like integrating the interface builder directly into the main application, cleaning up the interface and enhancing code completion.

Thus, nothing speaks against updating to Xcode 4 for Sparrow users now!The following sections show you how perform both of these tasks. Follow the prompts to select the type of framework you want and where you want to put your project directory.The default templates that come with Xcode let you specify whether you want to create a Carbon or Cocoa framework.I also updated the documentation on the First steps page and on the wiki, which now contains a tutorial on how to create a project from scratch in Xcode 4.The Xcode project templates are not yet ready, but Ronald is already working on them (thanks, Ronald!

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