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Dating Tip 1 - It’s a numbers game You must meet lots of potential partners. In fact you’re likely to be truly compatible with less than 0.2% of people.

But if you’re ultimately looking for a serious relationship, marriage even, then you need to know who a suitable partner is for you. Dating Tip 10 – Turning dates into relationships Honestly, this will tend to happen naturally.

However, it is possible for you to be compatible but still not hit it off. Great dating conversation is a learnable skill – all it takes is following a few key principles and a bit of practice. The flirting signals they're giving out and the way they are using their body tells you everything you need to know about whether it's a go or a no show for your first date.

Dating Tip 6 – Knowing if they're interested So you've met them, you're having fun - but are they interested in you? If flirting is like a foreign language to you - learn it.

Dating Tip 5 – Dating conversation matters Let’s assume you both fancy each other physically.

The most important thing that decides whether the two of you will end up on a date together is your compatibility. If you get tongue tied when you talk to gorgeous looking people or if the content of what you say is drier than a dog biscuit, you may be missing out on partners who you’d get on brilliantly with if only you could get past that first introduction. But they're already telling you everything you need to know with their body language.

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