I mean, the novel is one of the pillars of the civil rights era and absolutely required reading, but it's still kind of funny that even then a wealthy white man is, according to gothic tradition, the heroic white knight. I guess we can't examine racism of American history then.

I guess Roots is nothing but a racist series and shouldn't be shown either. Atticus goes so far as to save Tom from a lynching. [...]In two years of investigation, the exhibit researchers found no evidence of intervention by a white person to stop even a single lynching.

When the plan failed, the Pythia sent Vael and her other followers to the planet Karn (where they became known as the Sisterhood of Karn), cursed Gallifrey with sterility, and committed suicide by throwing herself into an abyss beneath her temple.

As a result of the Pythia's curse (and/or killing off most of the indigenous Gallifreyans), Gallifreyans could no longer reproduce naturally and so Rassilon and co.

Nyarlathotep, and Faction Paradox are canon for my muse.

Eight's Big Finish audios are also canon for him in a flash-sideways (read: alternate timeline) fashion.

It's a reminder that people use words like that to demean and harm other people and as a justification for their racism and violence.

(probably mostly Co., though Rassilon most likely took all of the credit) created Looms.

(Plus, when you're a hivemind that can barely call itself a species, building your own bodies sounds like a pretty good idea.)Looms basically work by weaving together a body from genetic material.

I also tend to play my muse's main universe as being very close/part of various universes—so in my mind, the Whoniverse and universe is an alternate timeline).

The Doctor is canonically nonbinary by both human and Gallifreyan standards.

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